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My name is Theodora K. Longordo. I currently live in Manhattan with my wife of 11 years, Jill and our dog Noodle Bonez.

How did you find yourself in the Gym?

It unfolded naturally as I have known Niki since the beginning of her journey with Face Yoga!

What was your first experience with face yoga like?

My first experience with face yoga was back in 2019 with a private session with Niki. Honestly, it felt deeply annoying at first (lol) and almost like this annoying, whiny… “I cannot do this” feeling…. but, Niki made it fun, she let me have my process as we continued through the workouts.

What drew you to keep coming back and practising so avidly?

Despite how challenging the workout was, I was moved by the uniqueness of it… and I love a challenge. The redness and tiredness that happen afterwards just feel so satisfying!

What kind of results did you start seeing in your face?

My eyes lifted and the inflammation in my face went down considerably. Over the years since, I have noticed that it has also increased the health of my eyesight. By using the muscles and working them out consistently, I had begun to notice that my vision in my lazy eye was improving. Along with Face Yoga, I was working on developing my theories around emotional alchemy work, understanding that the eye itself represents the way we perceive (literally and metaphorically) the world around us. So, I worked in tandem with face yoga to begin working on my beliefs about the way I perceive my reality

At what point did you feel a shift on a soul level?

Over time, as I watched myself change. It was not all of a sudden… but deeper than that.

What parts of your history do you feel have been healed by the face yoga practice?

Doing the work with Face Yoga and beginning to see permanent changes in my face is what truly got me deeply interested in part of the work I do now with clients: Alchemizing beliefs about the body to shift the way it regenerates, replicates, and creates.

What are three attributes that face yoga has helped with the most? (this could be confidence, self-awareness, self-appreciation or skin healing)

Confidence in my appearance, a great capacity for self-discipline, and deeper self-love

Has the face yoga practice helped you in other areas of your life?

The changes my face made, helped me see the changes we can make to ourselves with our own two hands…As my face began to change, I dove into research in Physical and emotional Alchemy and this is where I discovered my gift for Medical Intuition and the ability to sense and also, know how to heal ailments of the body.

What advice would you give someone who feels they can’t practice Face yoga because they don’t have the right kind of face, they don’t have time, they don’t know where to start?

If you desire to feel better in your skin, Face Yoga is a great place to start. Everyone has the ‘right face’ for their own two hands and these exercises. Don’t let fear and self-doubt stop you if this is something that intrigues you. Do it, it will be so empowering and will affect you in more ways than just outer confidence. Start with a Gym Membership and set aside 10 minutes a day, do this for yourself. Break the old programming that says you can’t!

You are now a certified NAME OF YOUR PRACTICE:

I am the creator and founder of Theodora Longordo: Gravity Alignment. Private Coaching and Mentorship for Subconscious Reprogramming using techniques ranging from neuro-linguistic programming to shamanism, to ancient alchemical theories.

How does your work help and assist others?

I work to engage both the conscious and unconscious while also helping to heal the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the person. While also holding a sanctuary of non-judgement for those who need to have their story heard, healed, and transformed. I specialize in subconscious reprogramming with specialized training in post-trauma recovery & rebuilding well-being.

Any reason you chose your particular style of PRACTICE?

It wasn’t so much a choice, as it was a calling from deep within me.

What inspires you about the work you do?

The shifts I see in myself and my clients. The past four years have been breathtakingly miraculous. The laughter from clients, the tears, the rage, the growth, the leaps of faith I have watched them take…. the mistakes we make… they inspire me to keep growing, keep learning more, keep holding myself accountable, to keep loving myself and everyone I encounter… as much as I can.

Can you share one great experience that you have had with a client?

One of them was a tearful, emotional video I received from a client after she had a massive ‘a-ha’ moment after a memory recall session we had. I could feel her shifts through the phone and I saw them continue to develop for months following that day. She lost 50 pounds and cultivated enough confidence to leave her unhappy marriage and grow her business. Truly, some of my best moments with clients are seen over time, watching them change on a deep subconscious level…seeing them react differently to the stressors of life…. seeing them grow their sense of self… it all feels deeply powerful. Even the smallest changes.

What are your thoughts on aging?

When we embody the wisdom of the crone, the body doesn’t have to age (as in diminish) the way we currently experience it within the collective. Aging can be filled with strength and self-respect when we allow ourselves to live a life we love – instead of waiting to live.

Botox or Natural?

Truly, I believe it is up to the person I take the natural road.

Why do you think self-care, rest and time away is important?

Because it strengthens the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Favourite face care?

Castor and Jojoba Oil with the occasional tea tree treatment! I take Epsom salt baths with a face yoga and gua sha routine in the tub/shower!

Favourite meal?

My wife, Jill makes me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich every morning after my run while she smokes her morning cigar.

Favourite book?

Women who run with the wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

What favourite quote or saying?

“What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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